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Gourmet Jumbo Stuffed Cookies (Per Dozen)

Gourmet Jumbo Stuffed Cookies (Per Dozen)

Satisfy your cravings with our Gourmet Cookies, packed with unique flavors and generously stuffed with delicious fillings. Indulge in a dozen of these mouth-watering treats and experience the ultimate dessert experience!

Choose from the following flavors:

Loaded Chocolate Chip: This 6 oz. jumbo chocolate chip cookie is loaded with semi sweet chocolate chips and semi sweet chocolate chunks.

Biscoff Cookie Butter: A 6 oz. chewy brown sugar cookie with hints of cinnamon loaded with Biscoff cookie pieces and stuffed with creamy Biscoff cookie butter.

Lemon Drop: This refreshing 6oz chewy lemon cookie is loaded with white chocolate chips and white chocolate chunks.

Rainbow Circus: 6 oz of cookie fun! This soft and chewy cake batter flavored sugar cookie is filled with colorful sprinkles, white and semi sweet chocolate chips and animal circus cookie crumbles.

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