Our Story

Hello and how are you? I am Mrs. Dee Williams licensed owner, and professional dessert stylist of Elegant Impressions Bakery located in Moreno Valley, California. My business was established in 2014, but my passion for baking desserts began when I was a young child in my hometown of Oakland California.  My late grandmother Ya-Ya, taught me how to cook and bake around 6 years of age, letting me whip the batter of Betty Crocker vanilla cupcakes and mixing all of the ingredients together for her famous Sweet Potato Pies around the holidays. Now let me explain to you how good these Sweet Potato Pies were...As an avid sweets lover, and being that this pie is one of my top 5 favorite desserts on the planet, my grandmother put her LOVE into these pies. Smooth and silky sweet potatoes with the right amount of butter, sugar and nutmeg;  flaky, melt in your mouth crust, these pies were better than anyone's I have ever tasted in my WHOLE ENTIRE life. Every year, she made them to perfection for all 8 of her children during Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, since she is not with us anymore, I continue to carry her pie making legacy, and it's included on my dessert menu every year for the holidays. I feel her spirit with me every time I whip up the sweet potato mixture, and I am forever grateful for her teaching me the basics of baking.

 Throughout the years I have watched many chefs and bakers (Julia Child was an all time fav), studied numerous amounts of recipes and cookbooks to help perfect my craft along with many of trials and errors. My Aunt Gwen  made sure I perfected her favorite dessert, lemon cream cheese pound cake, and by then I constantly received compliments for my talent. It warmed my heart to see the smiles on friends and family faces when they took a bite of my confectioneries; and well...I thought "shouldn't other people have the same joy as my loved ones have?" Why YES! Of course! That's when Elegant Impressions Bakery was created. I have a loving husband, and two beautiful daughters, whom I plan on passing down my recipes and apron to, once the time is right. 

As a self taught cupcake enthusiast, my inspirations derive from assisting you in your events with beautiful and delicious desserts. Creating contemporary desserts is my passion, and I completely understand that event planning, especially weddings, can be stressful for the right reasons. My goal is to have a personable relationship with you to ensure that your experience with my company is a memorable one. 

--Dedicated to my Aunt Gwen. Your love for elegance and opulence will continue to live on. Now let's celebrate!--